The Journey, Jan, 2018.  
Duration: 10m23s
Location: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Chad

360 multisensory documentary experience The Journey traces the journey through childhood in 3 of the toughest environments on Earth.

Meet 3-year-old Amina in the distant 'Afar' region of Ethiopia, trying to find enough food and water to survive during the worst drought in 30 years; 10-year-old Changkouth, living in conflict-ridden South Sudan, trying to get an education and avoid being recruited as a child soldier, in the country with the highest proportion of out-of-school children in the world; and 18-year-old Mani in Chad - ostracized by her community because she is living with HIV, but determined to change minds and using social media to rally support.

The full 4D version of The Journey is multi-sensory - taking audiences on a sensory journey into the lives of these children - allowing them to experience not only what they see and hear but what they smell, taste and touch.